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Are you a community group, corporation or municipality who hosts events where you want to have unique, fun and dynamic entertainment by experienced performers with a varied repertoire?
Island City Chorus is an cappella group that specializes in the performance of a cappella music from the 1920's until today.
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We prefer two months notice but will consider doing events with a shorter time-line.


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Barbershop is a style of music that is arranged in four-part a capella (or unaccompanied) for male and/or female voices.
The four parts are bass, baritone, lead and tenor. The bass (deepest voice) and baritone together build a harmonic foundation through sound wave physics that produce subtlehigher notes called "overtones." The lead singer(s) add(s) a lively melody that draws in the audience. What makes barbershop distinctive is that the lead is not the higuest singing part. The tenor (highest part, named the same for men or women) sings a harmonic line above the lead.
Barbershop is performed by either a quartet of the four parts or a chorus where a larger number of singers sing each of the four parts. Structurally, both a quartet and a chorus sing the same notes. Our art form is one of four musical styles originating in North America. Almost any song can be arranged for barbershop singing.